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Online Depression Depression Treatment

What is depression? It’s normal to feel sad or have days when you feel down. However, if you feel sad, hopeless, unmotivated, or disinterested in things you once enjoyed for more than two weeks, or when the feelings interfere with daily activities–you may have depression. But don’t worry, depression is a treatable condition, affecting nearly 20 million Americans. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, help is available, and you can get better with the right care.  Reach out to the board certified psychiatric specialist at Highland Oaks Psychiatry for an in-person or virtual visit.

What are the symptoms of depression?
•    Feeling sad, worthless, and hopeless
•    Losing interest in the activities you enjoy
•    Withdrawing from your partner, family, and friends
•    Feeling drained of energy
•    Eating more or less than usual
•    Sleeping more or less than normal
•    Having a hard time concentrating
•    Being unable to make decisions
•    Feeling irritable, angry, and anxious
•    Thinking about death, harming yourself, or suicide


How is depression treated?
Because there are many forms of depression and each individual is unique, getting the best result requires matching each person to the right medication, then fine-tuning treatment based on individual response. Board certified specialist at Highland Oaks Psychiatry will pinpoint your FDA-approved match by leveraging your data points and decades of clinical research.
To get the best results, it’s important to measure progress during treatment–this is known as measurement-based care. This allows you and your Provider to make informed decisions for any adjustment in your treatment. It’s common to adjust your medication when first starting antidepressants to make sure its right for you.
You will be seen monthly until you are feeling better and feel confident with your medication and dosing. Your provider may also recommend lifestyle modifications such as exercise, diet, supplements to improve mood.

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We strive to collaborate with healthcare providers!  Please fax demographics, ROI, and a copy of your last note with reason for referral to 682-224-8832.  We will contact your patient to schedule an appointment.  We will fax you a copy of our note (if ROI on file) and are available for phone consult at your convenience.  

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